New Posting Schedule and A Poll

You may have noticed those orange specks on Rigby’s chin.  No, this is not just a trick of your mind.  he was eating right before I took this picture.  He has a bad habbit of leaving some for later.

I have decided to make a few changes to my posting schedule and wanted to let you in on those changes.  My weekly posts will still include 2 reviews a week (monday and thursday).  In addition my recent purchases, beauty reads and nails of the week will be there too.  Even my once weekly ‘special’ posts on wensdays will continue.

So what will change you may be asking yourself.  Well that will be on my montly posts.  I was previously only doing 3 extra posts per month.  However, I decided that once a month I will also be doing a top 5 from a category of my choosing.  This could be lipsticks, blushes or places to find great coupon deals.  So, from now on the monthly schedule instead of falling on multiples of 10 will be on multiples of 7.

The 7th – Beauty Look of the Month

The 14th – Top 5 List

The 21st – Monthly Used Up Products

The 28th – Favorite Products of the Month