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Nail of the Week: Essie Status Symbol

Essie Status Symbol (2 Coats)

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Peeling Nails, Oh No!

I love wearing nail polish and for a while I wore polish everyday.  However, eventually my nails started peeling.  I do not mean breaks and chips.  I means the top layer would separate from the rest of the nail.  This from what I have read on boards is common when you wear polish often.  I wanted to share a few ways in which I have gotten my nails to stop peeling.

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Nail of the Week: Essie Greenport

Essie Greenport (3 Coats)


July 2011 Completion Critique

Studio 35 Polish Remover – Pretty much your standard nail polish remover.  This while it has served me well (obviously since I used the entire bottle) is nothing I would rave about, though the price is great.

Aveda All sensitive Toner – This product has long since been discontinued.  I had previously been told that this was due to the product containing allergen causing botanical.  As such, this is obviously not going to be a repurchase.

Up & Up Pre-Brush Mouth Rinse – This whitening mouth wash has worked pretty well.  I also love the HUGE size and low-cost.  I recommend this for anyone looking for a quick whitening method.

The following products were in sizes to small to review:

Korres Wild Rose Mask and Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss

What products have you used up this month?


Nails of the Week: Tree Hugger

China Glaze Tree Hugger (3 Coats)

Sorry for the dark picture.  I was unable to take a picture until night time, and my flash was being a bit finicky.

What Nail Polish are you wearing this week?