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Time For a No Buy

So the time has come for me to use up some of the products I have rather than just buying new.  So this will apply to ALL aspects of my life (except food obviously).

For cosmetics, skin care and hair care I will not be able to buy any new products until I have run out of products in that category.  I have made a list of the maximum number of products I want to own in what I hope will eventually become a more minimal stash.  I will not bore you with this list, but it basically would eliminate any back ups.  This means that I will not be able to purchase any more pink lip sticks until I have used up all the lipsticks I currently own.

This same strategy is going to be used in books.  Though once I finish reading all the books I own I do hope that I will be able to purchase a Kindle.  Stationary will also follow this same strategy.

The two categories I will be having a slightly different plan for are Clothing/Shoes and Video games.  For clothing and shoes I can replace items as they wear out (or in the case of what happened recently, are ruined).  Video games is a bit more complicated.  I LOVE the game The Sims 3.  so I am allowed to buy the expansion packs for that game as they come out.  In regard to the rest of the games I play that have a way in which you can ‘win’ the game, those will also be a one out one in basis (as in I must complete and sell a game before I get a new one).

I am hoping that I will be able to stick to this plan.  I do believe that I have one or two more stationary items in the mail (and have recently purchased some hair bands).  So those purchase will obviously still be allowed but from today forward I can not purchase new items, except within these guidelines.


Returning Soon

I have been ill the past few months, and have as a result let the blog fall to the way side. I will be back to posting soon, however for the time being posts will be limited to completion critiques for the most part with other posts only on special occasions. Once i am fully healthy i do plan to get into a more regular posting routine.


New (to me) Camera

This past christmas my brother upgraded his camera from his (formerly my dad’s) Sony a100 DSLR, to a Nikon that was previously my uncles.  My brother was in need of a more powerful camera, since he does a good deal of stop motion animation, and the Sony camera did not work with the software he has to use.

Since my brother no longer needed this camera, my dad gave me the option of taking it.  While it is several years old it is still in excellent condition.  I already have a Cannon power shot (an excellent point and shoot for those interested in knowing), however I have been wanting to take the foray into “SLR” cameras.  This gives me the option of doing so at minimal cost.

While I have not figured out the camera functionality entirely yet, very soon there will be higher quality photos taken with my new (to me) camera.

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What’s Important to Me

This past December over at minimal student a challenge was posted to readers that urged us to spend the month simplifying our life.  This not only included material objects but also mental clutter.  One of the questions posed to readers during the first week of the challenge was to assess what you can’t replace in your life.  This led me to reevaluate what i was focusing my attention on.

Many of my priorities in 2010 were a bit irresponsible, letting things that are of top priority go to the way side.  This year i plan to focus my attention on my family, my health and my education.

What are your top priorities for the year?


2011 Resolutions

Having a list of my new year resolutions for 2011 will hopefully be a way for me to be held accountable for my resolutions.  I truly have no idea how I will do on my resolutions.  This is the first year I have ever even made the commitment of deciding on a resolution.  I am hoping that by planning ahead with an easy to follow plan (full of safe guards to prevent failure) will help me follow through.