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Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Creme

I do not normally feature products like this, which I would classify as ‘first aid’ products.  Instead I usually try to stick to strickly beauty related products.  However, last week I got more bug bites than I got all summer.  I managed to get 20 mosquito bites, and countless gnat bites in a few hour span.

That being said, on the way home from my bug bite filled trip, I stopped at the drug store and picked up just about anything that promised to help with my bug bites.  In addition to this I also picked up an itch relief spray and some childrens Benadryl in an attempt to curb the horrible itch.

I would rate this product 6/10

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My Skincare Routine: Night

Makeup Remover – I am currently Using Smashbox Cleansing oil.  This has been the first foray in cleansing oil, I switched because I was growing tired of the residue I felt like makeup removing wipes was leaving on my skin.  This is probably the most important step of my evening routine since it makes sure I get all my makeup off.

Eye Makeup Remover – I have been working on a bottle of Bliss Lid + lash wash for a good while now.  I only need a tiny bit of this, but feel a separate eye makeup remover is necessary.  I have very sensitive eyes (even plain water can bother them) and have as of yet had no problems with this eye makeup remover.

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Skin Care Routine: Morning

I wanted to share the routine I follow to maintain clear skin.  Most of the substances I use are on the gentler side, since my skin philosophy is that many of us are abusing are skin, resulting in blemishes and acne.  While these products may not work for you, I do hope this series of small reviews gives you some insite into why I use these various categories of products.

Morning Cleanser – While I am currently using the Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover for my morning wash, it is truly not my favorite (full review here).  That being said, I do continue to use a cleanser in the morning.  The purpose of this is not any major cleansing (hence something gentle) since I remove all of my makeup prior to bed time.  This for me simply is a step that helps me wakeup and feel cleaner, since I occasionally drool in my sleep.

Tonner – I have been using the L’Occitane Almond Apple Tonning Cider for a bit over a month now (mini review here).  There tends to be a great deal of discussion on if a toner is entirely necessary in your skin cleansing routine.  I continue to use these products since they help to return the skin to its normal pH quickly (Since cleansing can strip the skin).

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Korres Sugar Crystal Antioxidant Eye Cream

This product was recently discontinued by Korres.  However, I decided to still put the review out.  This is part of the issue when I try to test products for at least a month before putting out a review.

So, while you may not be able to purchase this product any more it may help you consider another korres eye product (or not consider).  While they all will obviously work differently it is sometimes helpful to see some insight into a companies other products

I would rate this product a 6/10

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Some Beauty Resolutions

Nail Polish

Image by Kimli via Flickr

Lately I have been thinking about making a change in my beauty routine.  Some of these changes you have started to see in my posts already like my switching to a more ecologically friendly nail polish remover.   This is a three pronged aproach to changes in my beauty routine.  I will not be throwing out any of my old cosmetic items, and will still not be buying new products until I use up all I own within a category.  It is just the formulation of the items that will be changed.

In addition to having no more items that are similar, there are three other requirements for the item.

  • Not tested on animals – This is a pretty self explanitory one.  I will no longer be making any purchases from companies that participate in animal testing.
  • No harmful substances – A lot of cosmetics contain items that are either linked to cancer or flat out harmful for humans since the cosmetic industry has minimal regulation.  From now on I want to use products that are not going to increase my chance of illness or injury.
  • Ecologically friendly – Finally many products are not exactly produced in the greatest way for the environment.  This covers a large range of issues including water consumption, mining practices stuff of that sort.  Items should have a minimal impact on the environment.

This for the time being is just a rough guideline.  as I continue my research into these three categories for good resources I will be making posts to share these resources with you.

Have you made any beauty resolutions?