Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Creme

I do not normally feature products like this, which I would classify as ‘first aid’ products.  Instead I usually try to stick to strickly beauty related products.  However, last week I got more bug bites than I got all summer.  I managed to get 20 mosquito bites, and countless gnat bites in a few hour span.

That being said, on the way home from my bug bite filled trip, I stopped at the drug store and picked up just about anything that promised to help with my bug bites.  In addition to this I also picked up an itch relief spray and some childrens Benadryl in an attempt to curb the horrible itch.

I would rate this product 6/10


As you can see from the very graphic picture of my leg, I was quite bitten up.  I am also one of the unlucky few who has a strong reaction to mosquito bites so this creme really had a huge task in front of it.

I applied this around 3 times a day (the tube says to use it 3-4 times daily) and pretty much ended up needing to cover both of my legs since I had so many bites.  I did use it predominately on my left leg since the bites were significantly worse, and has swelled more on that leg. Through doing so I found that this creme helped that leg heal quicker when compared to my other leg.  I am counting healing in this case to mean the swelling went down and the itching went away.


In all honesty I have never used a cortizone creme prior to this week.  Despite having had horrible bug bites like this all my childhood.  I had expected to find a great deal more relief from this creme than i did.  The itching and swelling were not imediately relieved by the cream.  In fact, the itching was not relieved at all.  The first two nights with all those bug bites I had to take benadryl just to knock me out so I could get some sleep.  I in hindsight wish that I had a stronger hydrocortisone creme since that likely would have worked better.

I did not like that this made my legs feel sticky, however I know that is a property that most anti-itch products contain since it is part of what helps cut off the itch.

Who I would recommend this product to:

  • Those with mild skin itch
  • individuals with mosquito bites who are not highly allergic

This product can be purchased at your local drugstore.

This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal use.