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Rigby Reads: September 20, 2011

This semester in school one of the classes I am taking requires me to learn to identify birds by how they look, and how they sound.  This is not all that hard of a task, and simply requires listening to the bird sounds several times.  However, if Rigby is asked, this is torture since he wants to know where these noisy birds are so he can attack them.

I do not usually feature high-end nail polish’s here.  Not that they are not pretty, but because I am cheap.  However The Beauty Look Book has a post on Rococo Nail Apparel’s New Collection.  I may be wanting a few pieces myself.

Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary has a post on a lovely facial serum.  Based on a quick look this serum may be just the thing for me since it fits with all my beauty resolutions.


Peeling Nails, Oh No!

I love wearing nail polish and for a while I wore polish everyday.  However, eventually my nails started peeling.  I do not mean breaks and chips.  I means the top layer would separate from the rest of the nail.  This from what I have read on boards is common when you wear polish often.  I wanted to share a few ways in which I have gotten my nails to stop peeling.

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July 2011 Favorites

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish RemoverI admit, when I first began using this product I was a bit nervous.  I am used to the acetone, and other chemical filled nail polish removers. I had also read reviews of some other all natural nail polish removers that they did not work so well.  I have used this for two weeks now and LOVE it.  This is likely to be the only polish remover I use from now on.  Not only do I use less of the remover but it takes less effort to get the polish off than the drug store stuff.  Oh yeah, it even works on Red nails.

Doo Gro Leave-in Growth TreatmentI started using this after i ran out of my bottle of Doo Gro stimulating growth oil.  This is lighter than that formulation, and light enough that I could use it in small amounts in my hair daily.  Those with thicker hair than me this would be a great leave in, however with my thin hair I instead use it as a leave in treatment once a week.  This can be found in the ethnic hair care section of your local beauty supply.

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July 2011 Completion Critique

Studio 35 Polish Remover – Pretty much your standard nail polish remover.  This while it has served me well (obviously since I used the entire bottle) is nothing I would rave about, though the price is great.

Aveda All sensitive Toner – This product has long since been discontinued.  I had previously been told that this was due to the product containing allergen causing botanical.  As such, this is obviously not going to be a repurchase.

Up & Up Pre-Brush Mouth Rinse – This whitening mouth wash has worked pretty well.  I also love the HUGE size and low-cost.  I recommend this for anyone looking for a quick whitening method.

The following products were in sizes to small to review:

Korres Wild Rose Mask and Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss

What products have you used up this month?


School Bag and Nail Polish Remover

I have bought a few things in the past week, some out of need, and some out of want.  I must say though that I am slowly but surely getting better at only making necessary purchases.

Wanstead Canvas Tote in Red

Mini Umbrella in Blue

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover

What Purchases Have You Made This Week?