July 2011 Favorites

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish RemoverI admit, when I first began using this product I was a bit nervous.  I am used to the acetone, and other chemical filled nail polish removers. I had also read reviews of some other all natural nail polish removers that they did not work so well.  I have used this for two weeks now and LOVE it.  This is likely to be the only polish remover I use from now on.  Not only do I use less of the remover but it takes less effort to get the polish off than the drug store stuff.  Oh yeah, it even works on Red nails.

Doo Gro Leave-in Growth TreatmentI started using this after i ran out of my bottle of Doo Gro stimulating growth oil.  This is lighter than that formulation, and light enough that I could use it in small amounts in my hair daily.  Those with thicker hair than me this would be a great leave in, however with my thin hair I instead use it as a leave in treatment once a week.  This can be found in the ethnic hair care section of your local beauty supply.

Almond Apple Tonning Cider So, I guess this has been discontinued (probably due to the lack of a pump or spray nozzle).  While I can not discus how well it works since it has only been a few weeks of use, I love the smell.  It does not leave my skin feeling tight, as some tonners can do, and did I mention the smell?  I recommend trying something from tis line (I also have used the velvet concentrate and LOVE how smooth it makes my skin).

Oral B Satin Floss – So, this is not so much about this specific brand of floss but just flossing in general.  I like most people just ignored it for a while, as something silly the dentist said I should do.  I have been blessed with relatively cavity free teeth.  However as I get older I find I have more teeth issues.  Flossing has not only gotten rid of tooth pain and sensitivity, it also has helped reduce the number of tonsiloliths that I get (I am talking from more than 1 a week to less than 1 a month).

Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump and ShineI am admittedly not much of a gloss girl.  I prefer lipstick, or tinted chapstick.  However I do enjoy this lipstick.  More of a cream than a shimmer this product has a good amount of shine.  The formula is on the thick side, which means if I want it only in the very center of my lips it will stay there.  While it may feel a bit thick on the lips for those not used to wearing lipstick or other heavier lip products it does not feel sticky at all.