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Foundation Basics: Part 2


As I am sure you all know foundations job is basically to cover any minor imperfections and even out skin tone.  Finding an object such as this is not something that is all that difficult.  The difficulty with foundation is not only finding a texture and formula that work for you, but also a foundation that can last on your skin.

My knowledge of powder, creme and mineral foundations is fairly limited so I will be limiting my discussion to Liquid foundations.  If you have an Advice, tips or knowledge to share about Powder, Creme or mineral foundations feel free to share it.

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Foundation Basics: Part 1

I wanted to share the basics of foundation with you.  I decided not to do my routine for foundation since what works for me may now work for you.  However, I did want to give some tips, ideas and thoughts on foundation application that may be beneficial to you.


These products are typically touted as making foundation last longer.  In addition, many companies claim they have other properties to help them sell.  These can range anywhere from oil controlling properties, to claims of reducing wrinkles. 

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Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Power Foundation

I picked this up a while ago when it first came out.  I am a huge sucker for anything that is “brand new” even if it is something I know is not for me.  This was one of those cases, foundation wise I wear strictly liquid foundation.

As a result, my view will be a bit biased.  I enjoy the light feel and easy application of liquid foundations, so this product did have a bit of a learning curve for me.  However, in time I have fully understood how to use cream foundations, though am still not a huge fan.

I would rate this product a 3/10

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Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

A few months back I purchased Face Atelier’s ultra foundation in Zero minus.  At the time i had only known of this and illamasqua’s white foundations.  i needed something to mix with my foundations to lighten them.  While some brands do carry foundations in my color, those that only have 3-4 shades typically run too dark for me.  Though I do also use this with foundations I can not find an exact match in.

My main goal in purchasing was quite simple.  To be able to make the foundations that were to dark work for me.  I have no problems with custom mixing my foundation every morning.  Especially since this task seems exceedingly easy compared to trying to find a perfect match in foundation.

I would rate this product a 7/10

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Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

I have gone through several different foundation types within the past year or so.  This has been in part due to my inability to determine my skin type, but also due to being unable to find a foundation match in many of the more well-known brands.  This all came to a head about 2 weeks ago, when i realized that despite it being a humid summer my skin has been exceptionally dry lately.  The entirety of my foundation collection at that point in time contained the words “oil free” in their title.  While the oil free foundation can provide great mattifying and staying powder it was just caking up on my dry skin.

I took this opportunity to not only try a new foundation, but also test out one that is at a lower price point.  As a full-time college student, living on a tight budget drugstore foundation is a more attainable purchase than the “high street” brands.  I picked up the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in Classic Ivory 10.  This is the lightest shade in the Neutrogena line of foundations and falls somewhere between a MAC’s Nw 10 and Nw 15.

I would give this product a 7/10.


The ease of application of this foundation is superior.  I have tried applying it using both my fingers and a stippling brush (which is my preferred method of foundation application).  The foundation gives sufficient time to fully blend and apply, without taking so excessively long to dry.  I have as of yet not had any transfer of foundation from my face to any other area of skin, or my cell phone.  This does not create the feeling of a “mask” that can be unbearable, yet still provides a smooth feeling to the touch.

My favorite part?  I am rather fond of the finish on the foundation.  There is no shimmer or glitter as has been reported in some of the other “real skin look” makeups.  In addition, while this is a sheer to light coverage foundation it can very easily be built up.  Best of all? this product is SPF 20 which is the perfect amount of sunscreen for the average winter day.


There is a fairly limited shad range of this product at this time.  This is not a problem known only to this foundation, but is also known to all of the Neutrogena brand of foundations.  For those who are not between approximately Nc/w 10 and Nc/w 40 (give or take) will most likely not find a match within this foundation.

So, this point may not apply to many, unless you also happen to do your makeup by a carpeted area and also are a klutz.  That being said, removal is difficult.  I spilled a large amount on my hand (some of which got on the carpet)  Without using an oil based cleanser on my hand, i essentially had to rub my hand raw to remove the foundation.  In this 5 minute span of intense hand scrubbing the few drops had dried into my carpet and have been stubbornly holding their ground against carpet cleaners.

Who I Would Recommend This To:

  • Want light to medium foundation
  • Prefer a foundation with SPF
  • Looking for a “natural skin” finish
  • Wear a foundation within the range of shades offered (approximately Nc/w 10 to Nc/w 40 in MA

Those interested in purchasing the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation, can be purchased by clicking on the top photo, or at along with your local drugstore or pharmacy.