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Artec Texture Line Volume Shampoo

I am a pretty big fan of using high-end hair products as opposed to the drug store products.  However, I am also a bit on the cheap side.  That means that when I do buy a high-end product I will only do so if it is on sale.  This means my selection has a much greater deal to do with cost than any other factor (such as packaging or promised results).

That being said, I still have insanely high standards for my hair care products.  Just cause I got the product at a good price does not mean I expect it to work any worse.  This product I was fortunate to have purchased at Ulta as one of their weekly sale items.  Plus I was a fan of the larger size since it means I do not need to run back to the store every few weeks.

I would rate this product a 6/10

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Deva Curl Set it Free

I had originally tried this product in the trial size purchased along with the whole set of Deva Curl products.  It not only made my travel life a lot easier, but at the time the smaller sizes were great for days when I had to shower at the school gym.

I was so blown over with the product that I went so far to purchase the full size of the setting spray.  It was the first setting spray I really used that was specifically designed to be used on curly hair.

I would give this product an 8/10

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Joico K-Pak Moisture Intense Hydrator

This product I got for a two for one deal at Trade Secrets (which is a GREAT place to shop if you like high end hair care brands).  At the time I had also bought their protein treatment.  However, as protein treatment users may know, they can leave your hair a bit on the dry side.

This is besides the point though, I use this once a week in conjunction with my Doo Gro product, which I use over night as a leave in.  The product is ment to only be left in for 3-5 minutes (it dries out a bit after that point) however, my extreme laziness and desire to sleep as late as possible leads me to use this product while I sleep.

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July 2011 Favorites

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish RemoverI admit, when I first began using this product I was a bit nervous.  I am used to the acetone, and other chemical filled nail polish removers. I had also read reviews of some other all natural nail polish removers that they did not work so well.  I have used this for two weeks now and LOVE it.  This is likely to be the only polish remover I use from now on.  Not only do I use less of the remover but it takes less effort to get the polish off than the drug store stuff.  Oh yeah, it even works on Red nails.

Doo Gro Leave-in Growth TreatmentI started using this after i ran out of my bottle of Doo Gro stimulating growth oil.  This is lighter than that formulation, and light enough that I could use it in small amounts in my hair daily.  Those with thicker hair than me this would be a great leave in, however with my thin hair I instead use it as a leave in treatment once a week.  This can be found in the ethnic hair care section of your local beauty supply.

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Thinning Out A Product

Hair Care

Image by howzey via Flickr

We have all been there, purchased  a conditioner that is to thick for our hair, or a polish that we just can’t seem to work with.  Just as many of us have held onto these items in hopes that some sort of magic will occur to transform these into usable products.  These usually end up under our sinks never to be used again.

Well, now I have a solution for you!  So go pull out those old unused products and we can get started.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Got them? GREAT!  On the back of the package you will find the listing of ingredients.  You may need your reading glasses for this, but locate the first ingredient.  In a majority of hair care products you will see water.  Skin care and cosmetics are typically substantially water or some sort of oil.  Nail polishes are typically some sort of alcohol.

Regardless of what the item is, take note.  Because this is the item that you will be using to ‘dilute’ or thin out the product.  It’s as simple as that.  But incase you are still a bit nervous, here are some helpful hints:

  • Start with small amounts, it is significantly easier to thin out a product as opposed to adding more ‘body’ to it.
  • Liquid and semi-liquid products work best.  That old gel liner that is now a solid, that may be a lost cause.
  • If you are able to transfer the product to a shakeable container (aka a bottle of some sort) mixing together the components will be significantly easier.
  • Make sure you shake the product before each use!