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Yes to Cucumbers Daily Gentle Cleanser

A few months back, as many of you may remember I went a little crazy with buying face wash.  I am slowly making my way through using up the products, as I use them up.  All of the purchases made at the time were specifically designed for sensitive skin.

I had picked this out since I had been hearing a great deal of positive things about Yes to Carrots.  This is made by the same company but is their line of products for sensitive skin (they also have Yes to Blueberries and Yes to Tomato).

I would rate this product a 7/10

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My Skincare Routine: Night

Makeup Remover – I am currently Using Smashbox Cleansing oil.  This has been the first foray in cleansing oil, I switched because I was growing tired of the residue I felt like makeup removing wipes was leaving on my skin.  This is probably the most important step of my evening routine since it makes sure I get all my makeup off.

Eye Makeup Remover – I have been working on a bottle of Bliss Lid + lash wash for a good while now.  I only need a tiny bit of this, but feel a separate eye makeup remover is necessary.  I have very sensitive eyes (even plain water can bother them) and have as of yet had no problems with this eye makeup remover.

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Skin Care Routine: Morning

I wanted to share the routine I follow to maintain clear skin.  Most of the substances I use are on the gentler side, since my skin philosophy is that many of us are abusing are skin, resulting in blemishes and acne.  While these products may not work for you, I do hope this series of small reviews gives you some insite into why I use these various categories of products.

Morning Cleanser – While I am currently using the Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover for my morning wash, it is truly not my favorite (full review here).  That being said, I do continue to use a cleanser in the morning.  The purpose of this is not any major cleansing (hence something gentle) since I remove all of my makeup prior to bed time.  This for me simply is a step that helps me wakeup and feel cleaner, since I occasionally drool in my sleep.

Tonner – I have been using the L’Occitane Almond Apple Tonning Cider for a bit over a month now (mini review here).  There tends to be a great deal of discussion on if a toner is entirely necessary in your skin cleansing routine.  I continue to use these products since they help to return the skin to its normal pH quickly (Since cleansing can strip the skin).

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Completion Critique: August 2011

This was a pretty decent month as far as using up items.  While the total number of items used up is pretty small, the items were full size.  They were also items where you do not need to use a large amount of the product.

Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cleanser – I previously did a short introduction on this product (here) and my feelings about the product are the same.  It is a nice basic cleanser, though may leave your skin feeling a bit tight.  The scent is lovely, like a mix of oatmeal and lemon grass.  I would gladly repurchase this product if i were not trying to eliminate chemicals form my beauty routine.

Kenra Curl Defining Creme – I loved the way this made my hair look.  Nice full curls, like ones seen on the red carpet, without any heat.  The smell was also intoxicating.  The only down side was that the pump typically dispensed more product than needed which was a bit wasteful.  I previously did a mini review of this product (here).

MOP Pear Detangler – I previously did an extensive review on this product (here).  the feelings of love and ardour have begun to fade.  While think the product works great, there are a larger proportion of potentially harmful chemicals in it than I like.  I am still keeping it on my short list of replacement detanglers, for if I can not find something that works as well with out the harmful substances.


June 2011 Completion Critique

Fekkai Protein Rx Daily Protein Fortifier – I used this nightly to help add protein to my very fine and thin blonde hair.  I am not sure if it really made any difference, it smelled nice however was a bit ‘oily’ in comparison to other protein treatments I have previously used.

Aveda All Sensitive Cleanser – Left my skin feeling clean and did not create a tightening sensation.  This product has been discontinued however since it contained some ingredients that were known allergens.

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