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July 2011 Favorites

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish RemoverI admit, when I first began using this product I was a bit nervous.  I am used to the acetone, and other chemical filled nail polish removers. I had also read reviews of some other all natural nail polish removers that they did not work so well.  I have used this for two weeks now and LOVE it.  This is likely to be the only polish remover I use from now on.  Not only do I use less of the remover but it takes less effort to get the polish off than the drug store stuff.  Oh yeah, it even works on Red nails.

Doo Gro Leave-in Growth TreatmentI started using this after i ran out of my bottle of Doo Gro stimulating growth oil.  This is lighter than that formulation, and light enough that I could use it in small amounts in my hair daily.  Those with thicker hair than me this would be a great leave in, however with my thin hair I instead use it as a leave in treatment once a week.  This can be found in the ethnic hair care section of your local beauty supply.

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Nail of the Week: Essie Greenport

Essie Greenport (3 Coats)


Korres Sugar Crystal Antioxidant Eye Cream

This product was recently discontinued by Korres.  However, I decided to still put the review out.  This is part of the issue when I try to test products for at least a month before putting out a review.

So, while you may not be able to purchase this product any more it may help you consider another korres eye product (or not consider).  While they all will obviously work differently it is sometimes helpful to see some insight into a companies other products

I would rate this product a 6/10

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Some Beauty Resolutions

Nail Polish

Image by Kimli via Flickr

Lately I have been thinking about making a change in my beauty routine.  Some of these changes you have started to see in my posts already like my switching to a more ecologically friendly nail polish remover.   This is a three pronged aproach to changes in my beauty routine.  I will not be throwing out any of my old cosmetic items, and will still not be buying new products until I use up all I own within a category.  It is just the formulation of the items that will be changed.

In addition to having no more items that are similar, there are three other requirements for the item.

  • Not tested on animals – This is a pretty self explanitory one.  I will no longer be making any purchases from companies that participate in animal testing.
  • No harmful substances – A lot of cosmetics contain items that are either linked to cancer or flat out harmful for humans since the cosmetic industry has minimal regulation.  From now on I want to use products that are not going to increase my chance of illness or injury.
  • Ecologically friendly – Finally many products are not exactly produced in the greatest way for the environment.  This covers a large range of issues including water consumption, mining practices stuff of that sort.  Items should have a minimal impact on the environment.

This for the time being is just a rough guideline.  as I continue my research into these three categories for good resources I will be making posts to share these resources with you.

Have you made any beauty resolutions?


Rigby’s Reads: July 26th

Makeup Love

Image by queercatkitten via Flickr

Sadly I have no picture of Rigby to share this week.  He spent a good amount of time at my mothers, since that’s where I was.  This was simply because I had art class homework, and do not have the room necessary to do it at my apartment.

I have been slowly starting to get into more Natural and good for me products (A post on this is forth coming).  One product I was fortunate enough to hear about is The Body Shops new showegel which I heard about from Karla Sugar.

In that same caveat Product Girl posted some swatches of Vapor Organic’s Multi Use Blush.  I have been interested in these products for a fair amount of time, and these swatches are really tempting me to try them.

Over at Beauty Crazed the review of the CoverGirl Intense Shadowblast primer makes them seem like a great alternative to other more expensive eyeshadow primers.  Plus, they are colored!

I am constantly trying to whiten my teeth.  However, I am not willing to spend large amounts of money on whitening strips.  Not to mention I don’t want to get tooth sensitivity.  BubzBeauty has some great ideas for tooth whitening.

Glitter Geek has started a new format called ‘Keep it or Toss it‘ which provides a large number of reviews in a short format (similar to my completion critiques).

Mimsy’s Blog has a lovely post on a new pixi product.  While I have only gotten to try a limited number of her products, this new dual purpose lip twin is tempting me to try some more of her products.

Lately I have been getting very interested in natural looking jewelry.  This leather and natural stones.  A great tutorial for making your own leather and stone wrapped braclets can be found at Ornamentea.