New Website

From now on, all posts will be occuring at hautehedgehog.com
While the site is still under construction, I am going to be completely switched over to that site for posts.


Short Delay

Just a warning my posts may be a bit later than has been usual this week. I picked up hand, foot and mouth from a cousin. Its pretty minor and just is a painful rash on your hands, feet and cold sores in your mouth. It clears on its own in less than a week.
However, until my hands are feeling more up to any sort of contact with anything I will be limited in the ability to type a good amount and taking pictures. the posts should be up before the end of the week.


Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Creme

I do not normally feature products like this, which I would classify as ‘first aid’ products.  Instead I usually try to stick to strickly beauty related products.  However, last week I got more bug bites than I got all summer.  I managed to get 20 mosquito bites, and countless gnat bites in a few hour span.

That being said, on the way home from my bug bite filled trip, I stopped at the drug store and picked up just about anything that promised to help with my bug bites.  In addition to this I also picked up an itch relief spray and some childrens Benadryl in an attempt to curb the horrible itch.

I would rate this product 6/10

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Completion Critique: September 2011

Deva Curl Set It Free – I still love this product and have it on my short list of curling sprays to purchase again.  I do have a few to use up before I get to that point though.  As before I love how it makes my hair look and that it is hard to mess up, though I do wish it smelled a little better.  My full review can be found here.

Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara – I would not purchase again, and along with that sentiment I will not.  Not only does it have a steep price tag, and minimal effect.  The fact that I am pretty sure that I am allergic to this product is going to keep me away from it for good.  My full review can be found here.

Sample sizes to small to review:

Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo

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Well-Being Wednesdays: September 21, 2011

Recently over at The Belle Lumiere (I always want to spell it Luminere, not sure why) there has been something called well-being Wednsedays.  I liked her name for it so I totally stole it.  I am planning on joining up and participating.  I will however be doing posts about a week behind (as in this week I will be doing the first weeks challenge)

Basically the way it works is this:

  • Write a challenge for yourself, it could be anything.  In addition to this self-written challenge there will be a group challenge.
  • Wait a week.  Have you succeeded in your goal?  If yes set aside $5 for yourself.  If you have failed than set aside that money.
  • Write a new challenge for yourself to try to fulfill.

so, what are the challenges I shall be facing in the upcoming week?

Group challenge – Work out 3 times this week.

Personal challenge – Be on time for all my classes, with all of my homework done.

Hopefully this goes well, I am more worried about the personal challenge than the group challenge.  I am not the best at being punctual, but hopefully I will have 5 dollars to spend one week from now.

Will you be participating in the weekly challenge?  If so, whats your personal challenge?