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Top 5: Mascara

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This month I decided to share my favorite mascaras.  However, since there are only 4 that I am comfortable recommending to others I decided that you will be getting my 4 favorite mascaras and one I absolutely hate (so you know to stay away from it).

I am extremely fortunate to have fairly long lashes, so you will notice that most of my favorites focus more on adding volume than length.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara This is a great all around mascara.  It not only adds a bit of volume and length, but also does not clump, even with multiple coats.  I would classify this as a more natural mascara, since it will only slightly enhance your lashes.

Clinique High Impact MascaraWhile I no longer buy high-end mascaras on a regular basis, I am always tempted to go back to this mascara.  The wet formula means that this actually will last you 3 months (rather than drying up in a month like most others).  Not to mention that the price is only 5 dollars more than the drugstore stuff.  This while still only slightly adding to length and volume, has a slight shine even when dry that really makes your lashes stand out.

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Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara Review

I apologize that this post is late, and last week was a bit light on the posts.  This is because German class has been wiping me out, leaving me tired and just wanting a nap.  I have reached the half way point though, and only have three more weeks of German left.

I picked this up when I was previously enrolled in the Beauty Fix program.  As those who use it know you get a 25 dollar (off of 50 spent) gift card to DermStore.  I used that money to purchase a facial moisturizer, and this mascara along with a few other items I needed.  I have been using this product about a month now and feel that I know enough about it now to give it a fair review.

I would rate this product a 3/10

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June 2011 Completion Critique

Fekkai Protein Rx Daily Protein Fortifier – I used this nightly to help add protein to my very fine and thin blonde hair.  I am not sure if it really made any difference, it smelled nice however was a bit ‘oily’ in comparison to other protein treatments I have previously used.

Aveda All Sensitive Cleanser – Left my skin feeling clean and did not create a tightening sensation.  This product has been discontinued however since it contained some ingredients that were known allergens.

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