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Two More Shirts

I have replaced almost all of the clothing I need as of currently.  I got a tank top and pajama pants at target (pictures next week).  So all I need is one more basic T-shirt and one nicer T-shirt.  Though nice to me means it has ruffles or something.  It also has gotten cold here, or at least is starting to, so I will be going through my colder weather clothes soon.  Hopefully all of it is hole free, since I like to hold on to my money.  Both of these shirts were bought on sale, for under 25 bucks each.

C & C California Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck in Nectar

C & C California Short Sleeve Banded Henley in Navy


A sweater and Mascara

My one in one out for clothing seems to be working (It is actually one in one out for everything but jeans and long sleeve shirts/sweaters for those it is 2 out 1 in).  I am only getting rid of stuff that either has holes in it or stains.  Unfortunately, having a cat that LOVES to play means a good amount of my stuff has holes in it.  I have already gotten rid of 2 sweaters, 4 T-shirts and a tank top.  I still have yet to replace all of those items, though I have been looking.

BCBG Cashmere Sweater in Navy

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara


New Bras and Summer Shorts

I have in the past week gotten rid of quite a bit of old clothing that no longer fitted.  I decided that it might be time to get new bras since most of mine are from my highschool years.  Which was 5 years ago.  Any way for the most part I should not need much else this summer (aside from house cleaning products but those are boring so I do not share those purchases with you).

Elle MacPherson Intimates Bare and Bold Bra in Jet

Felina Lingere Lush Lace Contour Underwire Bra in Petal Pink

Zara TRF Collection Floral Shirt

VBlue Brand Denim Cuff Shorts (From Nordstroms Juniors Department)


Gah! stuff ruined again

So I had planned on taking a break from shopping (A post on that upcomming).  However i found out that my father ruined items of mine again.

There is one simple rule at my parents house, i ask that no one touch my stuff.  I typically do my own laundry.  However my father took it upon himself to take my cashmere sweaters and wash and dry them.

This is not the first time he has ruined my stuff.  He also once lit my clothes on fire after he decided to take pictures of them to practice photography (this was actually when the rule first started).

I am not out of 120 dollars in clothing, and all my cashmere items are shrunk to the size of an 8 year old.


Victoria’s Secret Clothing Review

I am sure many of you are familiar with Victoria’s Secret for their unmentionables and possibly even their swim wear.  However, not many are familiar with the clothing which Victorias Secret sells.  This is likely due to their online only presence.  personally, as an avid online shopper (I HATE crowds at the local malls) I have tried on several occasions their clothing and would like to share my thoughts.


Of all the categories I have purchased from Victoria’s Secret this is the least explored.  I only own one shirt from them (which was given as a gift several years ago).  This shirt is in fact rarely worn by me.  It is not an issue with the fit, but more due to the fabric.  The fabric of this shirt is quite sheer, and while I typically wear tank tops under shirts it has dettered me from wearing it on many occasions.  additional, the feel of the material is not quite what I had expected.  It behaves significantly more like a linen, wrinkling easily and unable to hold its shape, than i had originally expected.  This does run true to size, however you should be sure to investigate the fabric content prior to purchase.


Both me and my mother have purchased a large number of sweaters from the Victoria’s Secret website.  The sweaters have all run slightly small.  This has not been an issue, however, with more fitted sweaters those who are between sizes should consider sizing up.  As far as the sweaters that are designed to be over sized, I would suggest getting your typical size to prevent swimming in the sweater.  All of the materials are exactly as I had expected them to be from the fabric content information.  None of the sweaters I own have shrunk (please keep in mind that I only wash in cold water and air dry), my mother has put a few of her 100% cotton sweaters in the dryer and they have not shrunk either.


This has been another category where I have occasionally been disappointed with the fabric content.  While I have been satisfied with the majority of the dresses I have purchased from there was one that left me with a bad taste in my mouth.  Where I have issue is with one dress (found here) that was so sheer I ended up having to buy a slip in a matching color.  As you can see there is no mention on the sales page of how sheer this dress truly is.  This again is simply an issue with the fabric of the dress, and as an individual with little knowledge of various fabrics continuing to buy dresses from this store has been against my better judgement.  As far as sizing, the dresses I have tried do run true to size.

With a great price point, and abundance of sales this is a great option for purchasing clothes.  However, be sure you are familiar with what a fabric wears like prior to service.  While they have an excellent return policy, it is always disappointing to receive something that is different than expected.  I would suggest sticking to materials that you are familiar with.  The majority of clothing does run true to size, just be sure to check the size chart corresponding to the item.