Trish McEvoy Perfect 1 Blush

Trish McEvoy I find tends to be an underloved brand.  rarely discussed on cosmetics boards, it is usually overshadowed by brands with larger color ranges and more prominent advertising.

This blush is a matte blush touted as being fool-proof for anyone with a fair or light skin tone.  It does not come with a container, since users are expected to buy a separate Trish McEvoy compact that can hold either blush or eyeshadow.


This color really is flub proof.  It is an extremely subtle color that gives off a natural flush on the skin.  For those new to makeup, and with limited makeup skills this is a great option.  The matte color does not look chalky or cakey.  It is also a great option for those with slightly older skin.


For those on the darker end of the fair-light spectrum this color may not show up all that well.  Even in my swatch on my exceptionally pale hand I had issues with getting the product to show up enough to photograph well.  While this is only for a limited range of skin tones, there is also perfect 2 blush and perfect 3 blush for darker skin tones.

One issue in my mind a disconnect in the way this product is presented.  The perfect 1 blush is advertised as easy to use.  Yet, as I said previously you have to purchase the case separately.  This results in a very expensive blush, that the average novice at cosmetics would likely not splurge on.

Who I would recommend this to:

  • Those with light skin tones where light blushes will show up
  • Individuals looking for a light peachy-pink matte blush

This product can be purchased from Trish McEvoy.

This product was purchased by me for my own personal use.