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June 2011 Favorites

Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cleanser – I have only been using this for a little over a week, however I really like this product.  This product makes my skin feel similar to it does with other sensitive skin cleansers.  What really sold me on this product is the oatmeal and lemongrass scent.  While not a typical combination for a skin care scent, it makes the product extremely refreshing and comforting.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant – This exfoliant does not have any scrubby beads or bits.  In fact this is ment to be used daily, however for those who find other scrubs made for sensitive skin (like St. Ives apricot Scrub) to abrasive this is a great option.


Nivea Body Skin Firming Moisturizer

Like pretty much all women past the age of puberty I do have cellulite to contend with.  Mine luckily is all confined to areas that are only visible when I wear bathing suits.  However, I still am not hugely fond of my cellulite.

I picked this up after finishing up a bottle of a firming lotion from a higher end brand.  With these products I find results only apparent if you use these daily.  Even than results are iffy, so I couldn’t see continuing to use the expensive brand when a drugstore product could work just as well.

I would rate this product a 7/10


Posts From Around the Web

Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary posted about the Wet N’ Wild color icon trios.  A great price for a great product!

The Beauty Look Book has more beautiful swatches from Chanel‘s new line of shadows.  I am totally digging 82 – Emerveille.

MakeupGeekTV posted an excellent video on various beauty looks for work.  Great ideas for shaking up your makeup at work a bit.

I am sure many of you have heard of The birch Box.  This video was my introduction to Eco Emi, which runs like birch box but with environmentally friendly products.  This video was found through Nikki Phillippi.


My Last Bit of Shopping for a While

From Century 21 (A TJ Maxx type store): Energie Mock Layered Top

From CVS: Studio 35 small poly bands

From Local Beauty Suply Store:


Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

A few months back I purchased Face Atelier’s ultra foundation in Zero minus.  At the time i had only known of this and illamasqua’s white foundations.  i needed something to mix with my foundations to lighten them.  While some brands do carry foundations in my color, those that only have 3-4 shades typically run too dark for me.  Though I do also use this with foundations I can not find an exact match in.

My main goal in purchasing was quite simple.  To be able to make the foundations that were to dark work for me.  I have no problems with custom mixing my foundation every morning.  Especially since this task seems exceedingly easy compared to trying to find a perfect match in foundation.

I would rate this product a 7/10