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Well-Being Wednesdays: September 21, 2011

Recently over at The Belle Lumiere (I always want to spell it Luminere, not sure why) there has been something called well-being Wednsedays.  I liked her name for it so I totally stole it.  I am planning on joining up and participating.  I will however be doing posts about a week behind (as in this week I will be doing the first weeks challenge)

Basically the way it works is this:

  • Write a challenge for yourself, it could be anything.  In addition to this self-written challenge there will be a group challenge.
  • Wait a week.  Have you succeeded in your goal?  If yes set aside $5 for yourself.  If you have failed than set aside that money.
  • Write a new challenge for yourself to try to fulfill.

so, what are the challenges I shall be facing in the upcoming week?

Group challenge – Work out 3 times this week.

Personal challenge – Be on time for all my classes, with all of my homework done.

Hopefully this goes well, I am more worried about the personal challenge than the group challenge.  I am not the best at being punctual, but hopefully I will have 5 dollars to spend one week from now.

Will you be participating in the weekly challenge?  If so, whats your personal challenge?


Stash Statistics: September 2011

As promised I would update you on the size of my stash, what has grown, what categories have shrunk.  That sort of stuff.  In order to make this shorter and easier to read than the original post I am simply going to inform you of which categories have changed.

Products I have used up:

Polish Base Coat (from 3 to 2), Face Wash (from 9 to 5), Tonner (from 2 to 1), Moisturizer (from 4 to 3), Eyeliner (from 14 to 13), Conditioner (5 to 3), Curling Spray (from 3 to 2), Mascara (from 2 to 1).

Products I have Purchased:

Blush (from 23 to 24), Powder Shadow (from 128 to 127), Lipstick (from 15 to 18), Body Wash (from 2 to 5), Nail Polish (from 46 to 56)

Product Amount Corrections:
Concealer (from 8 to 9), Creme Shadow (From 14 to 16)

I am fairly proud of how I did in the last three months.  That being said I still did make more purchases than I would like to have.  I am hopeful that in the next three-month period I will be able to use up more products and make fewer purchases.


Donation Made

Back in mid august I mentioned in a post that I would make a donation to Orangutan Foundation International based on the number of subscribers I had on here and bloglovin’ combined.  I just submitted the payment today.  I took some screen captures today just to show that I actually did check the numbers and did donate.

Blog Follower Statistics

Bloglovin' Follower Statistics

Since I had only a total of 7 followers combined, I decided that I would pay 5 dollars per subscriber.  I also decided to just round up from there to 50 since it is a cause that is important to me.

Payment Confirmation


Rigby’s Reads: September 13th

I am still adjusting to a new schedule at school, and as a result have fallen behind.  I am hopeful that within the next week or two I will find my grove and posting should be back on time.

The Notice has an introductory guide to the various undertones present in Mac’s foundation and concealer products.  If you have been considering trying some of their foundations I suggest reading through this article first.  It should help you with finding a good match.

Over at Allison Lehman’s Blog by the name show and tell there is a pretty cool 30 day drawing challenge.  I am considering doing this for fun.



Rigby’s Reads: September 6th

Sadly I have no links to share this week.  due to the storm, and school starting my web browsing time has been pretty limited, I plan to be back with the ‘Rigby’s Reads’ links next week.  However, I still wanted to provied you with a picture of my cute cat.