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Rigby Reads: September 20, 2011

This semester in school one of the classes I am taking requires me to learn to identify birds by how they look, and how they sound.  This is not all that hard of a task, and simply requires listening to the bird sounds several times.  However, if Rigby is asked, this is torture since he wants to know where these noisy birds are so he can attack them.

I do not usually feature high-end nail polish’s here.  Not that they are not pretty, but because I am cheap.  However The Beauty Look Book has a post on Rococo Nail Apparel’s New Collection.  I may be wanting a few pieces myself.

Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary has a post on a lovely facial serum.  Based on a quick look this serum may be just the thing for me since it fits with all my beauty resolutions.


Two More Shirts

I have replaced almost all of the clothing I need as of currently.  I got a tank top and pajama pants at target (pictures next week).  So all I need is one more basic T-shirt and one nicer T-shirt.  Though nice to me means it has ruffles or something.  It also has gotten cold here, or at least is starting to, so I will be going through my colder weather clothes soon.  Hopefully all of it is hole free, since I like to hold on to my money.  Both of these shirts were bought on sale, for under 25 bucks each.

C & C California Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck in Nectar

C & C California Short Sleeve Banded Henley in Navy


Stash Statistics: September 2011

As promised I would update you on the size of my stash, what has grown, what categories have shrunk.  That sort of stuff.  In order to make this shorter and easier to read than the original post I am simply going to inform you of which categories have changed.

Products I have used up:

Polish Base Coat (from 3 to 2), Face Wash (from 9 to 5), Tonner (from 2 to 1), Moisturizer (from 4 to 3), Eyeliner (from 14 to 13), Conditioner (5 to 3), Curling Spray (from 3 to 2), Mascara (from 2 to 1).

Products I have Purchased:

Blush (from 23 to 24), Powder Shadow (from 128 to 127), Lipstick (from 15 to 18), Body Wash (from 2 to 5), Nail Polish (from 46 to 56)

Product Amount Corrections:
Concealer (from 8 to 9), Creme Shadow (From 14 to 16)

I am fairly proud of how I did in the last three months.  That being said I still did make more purchases than I would like to have.  I am hopeful that in the next three-month period I will be able to use up more products and make fewer purchases.


A sweater and Mascara

My one in one out for clothing seems to be working (It is actually one in one out for everything but jeans and long sleeve shirts/sweaters for those it is 2 out 1 in).  I am only getting rid of stuff that either has holes in it or stains.  Unfortunately, having a cat that LOVES to play means a good amount of my stuff has holes in it.  I have already gotten rid of 2 sweaters, 4 T-shirts and a tank top.  I still have yet to replace all of those items, though I have been looking.

BCBG Cashmere Sweater in Navy

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara


Artec Texture Line Volume Shampoo

I am a pretty big fan of using high-end hair products as opposed to the drug store products.  However, I am also a bit on the cheap side.  That means that when I do buy a high-end product I will only do so if it is on sale.  This means my selection has a much greater deal to do with cost than any other factor (such as packaging or promised results).

That being said, I still have insanely high standards for my hair care products.  Just cause I got the product at a good price does not mean I expect it to work any worse.  This product I was fortunate to have purchased at Ulta as one of their weekly sale items.  Plus I was a fan of the larger size since it means I do not need to run back to the store every few weeks.

I would rate this product a 6/10

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