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Reduce Spending; The Game Plan

The last 4 months of 2010 I became fairly proficient at sticking to a budget, and as a result have decided to make an active effort at sticking reducing the amount of money I am spending.

Food & Dinning – $150

Savings – $100

Gas and Car Needs – $75

Shopping – $60

Entertainment – $40

Pet Supplies – $35

Personal Care – $20

Gifts – $20

I have chosen to omit my larger costs, such as rent, car payments and health care costs from this list.  Also this budget has the potential to be changed should my pet cat become ill and need an expensive treatment, or if I need car repairs.  Additionally the goal of this budget is an effort to increase my savings, and by relation my emergency fund.


Going Handmade; The Game Plan

As previously stated in 2011 Resolutions I will be attempting to not only have all gifts to friends and family be homemade, but also any purchases I make.  In order to stick to said goal I felt a time line was necessary to help me stick to my resolution, and also ensure all gifts are completed by when they are needed.  I am a notorious procrastinator (though I am getting better if I do say so myself) and am hoping that the time line will provide me sufficient procrastination time while still enabling the completion of projects in a relatively timely manner.

2 months till gift is given –At this point the actual creative process begins.  A gift idea will need to be finalized and supplies purchased.

1 month till gift is given – The project begins!

2 weeks till gift is given – The project should be completed by this point.  I know that if I wait any closer to the day I need to exchange the gift it will likely not get finished out of stress.

1 week till gift is given – At this point the item has been completed and should be wrapped.  I have a horrible habit of waiting till last-minute to wrap gifts, and typically end up rushing through it.  This will not only ensure a nicely wrapped gift, but also reduces the number of things I will need to do right before the party or event.

Here’s hoping that this time line helps me live up to my handmade goal.  I will keep you updated throughout the year as to how the scheduling is going, and if I have been able to stick with this resolution.