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The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide

I forgot To take a Picture of the book cover.  But I think it is okay, since I lost the book sleeve, and it is just a bit blue fabric book.  This picture of Rigby playing with his “baby” is far more interesting.

This is a compilation of 6 different books all by Douglas Adams.

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Why Choose This Book?

Why Choose This Book?

By Read Montague

This book is along the lines of many of the other books I have reviewed so far.  A book that explains science, specifically of the mind, and how it relates to some aspect of every day life.  As can be seen by the book this focuses mainly on how we make decisions.

While the book did discus this on a superficial level it really shines in that it focused on the potential applications of the way our mind works on computation.  The majority of the book focused on how the mind forms algorithms, and how these could be used to create more efficient and user-friendly machines.

Those not interested in technology may wish to pass on this book.  However my pro-environement stance made this book really resonate with me.  The discussion of how biological concepts could improve technology through increased efficiency gave this book a different twist than many I have read within this genre.


The Naked Ape

The Naked Ape

By Desmond Morris

I have this book from an english class I took a few years back.  Normally I get rid of school books right after the semester ends.  However, for the class we only read the chapters on Sex, and Fighting so I decided to hold on to the book until I could read it in its entirety.

While a majority of the information in the book is not founded on any studys (you will notice the book is very light on citations) it does give a good amount of insight into science in the 70’s.  I found a great deal of the book to be inaccurate.  Even as a biology student I was able to pick out a high percentage of information that was false.

For those looking for a book to truly learn about biology this may not be the book for you.  However, if you view it from the stand point of a window into sciences past (since many of these views were common at the time of writing) it is an excellent read.


The Cannon Book Review

So I completely stole this idea from The Belle Lumiere, But since I also read a good amount I decided that this was something that I wanted to include in my blog.

The Cannon

By Natalie Angier

I tend to read mostly non-fiction science based books, and this is included in that category.  This was however a slight departure from my ‘typical’ book in that this was not solely about the function of the brain.  I was not sure how I would feel about this book, since the introduction seemed a bit slow.  However, I did enjoy it greatly.  I liked that it touched on subjects that I do not typically read about such as astronomy and archeology.  While some of the anecdotes and stories discussed in the book have been seen in other non-fiction science books, This would make a wonderful introduction to the non-fiction genre.