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August 2011 Favorites

I apologize for being silent for the past week.  Hurricane Irene knocked out the power for a few days.  That combined with trying to finalize my school transfer and ensure I am in the proper classes for when school starts next week has been eating up my time.  I promise I am back, and if I have to cut back on blogging during the school year I shall be sure to warn you first.

Essie Matte About You – I bought this a while ago when the whole ‘matte’ polish trend started.  At the time I hated how the matte polish looked on me, which did make this a wasteful purchase.  However, I have found that this looks great on top of sparkle or glitter polishes and makes them look almost like suede!

Ecru Knit Cotton Back Scrubber – This was purchased a few weeks ago from knitpiks on etsy.  I had been looking for a great back scrubber, but most of what I found seemed more abrasive than I was willing to use (I do have psoriasis and as a result try to be gentle with my skin).  This is easy to use (you don’t need to be a contortionists to actually get it to reach your back) and holds product nicely.  It so far has been durable, my only suggestion is to stretch it back into proper shape before it dries (other wise it can be a little bit harder to use).

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