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Going Handmade; The Game Plan

As previously stated in 2011 Resolutions I will be attempting to not only have all gifts to friends and family be homemade, but also any purchases I make.  In order to stick to said goal I felt a time line was necessary to help me stick to my resolution, and also ensure all gifts are completed by when they are needed.  I am a notorious procrastinator (though I am getting better if I do say so myself) and am hoping that the time line will provide me sufficient procrastination time while still enabling the completion of projects in a relatively timely manner.

2 months till gift is given –At this point the actual creative process begins.  A gift idea will need to be finalized and supplies purchased.

1 month till gift is given – The project begins!

2 weeks till gift is given – The project should be completed by this point.  I know that if I wait any closer to the day I need to exchange the gift it will likely not get finished out of stress.

1 week till gift is given – At this point the item has been completed and should be wrapped.  I have a horrible habit of waiting till last-minute to wrap gifts, and typically end up rushing through it.  This will not only ensure a nicely wrapped gift, but also reduces the number of things I will need to do right before the party or event.

Here’s hoping that this time line helps me live up to my handmade goal.  I will keep you updated throughout the year as to how the scheduling is going, and if I have been able to stick with this resolution.