Skin Coloring:

For those interested in knowing my skin tone at all times of year ranges between Mac N10 and N15 (I am typically either the lightest, or second lightest foundation in a line).  I find my skin to be most flatered by neutral undertones in my foundation, and slightly warmer undertones is my other beauty products. Regarding my skin ‘type’ and texture I have normal skin with no major issues aside from extremely dark undereye circles.

Hair and Eye Color:

As for my hair, I have medium ‘ash’ blonde hair that is fine and thin.  In addition my hair is wavy.  As a result all of my hair reviews will cater to those with a similar hair type.

Blog Review Standards:

All products reviewed by the Haute Hedgehog will contain a disclaimer explaining to you (the reader) how this product came into my possession.

  • Purchase – These items have been purchased by me for the sole purpose of personal use.  while these items can potentially be reviewed on the blog, they were obtained through a cash transaction using my own finances.
  • Gift – Items within this category were given to my by individuals whom i know personally.  These items were not given to me with the intention of a review, but rather, with the intention giving me an item that they feel would simply make me happy.
  • Product Submitted for Review – Products that are sent to me by companies for the sole purpose of reviewing the product, and stating my opinion on it to readers of my blog.


All content posted to the blog is sole property of the blog refered to as “The Haute Hedgehog.”  No content can be duplicated with out permision from the blog author.  Additionally all content is soley my oppinion, and all ‘advice’ should not be taken with out further research.  This blog, nor it’s author, shall be held responsible for any harm that should come from taking ‘advice’ from this blog.