Every Day Brushes: Eyes

I have not shown you any of the brushes that I use for my makeup routine.  As a result I have decided to do mini reviews of the brushes that I use on a daily or almost daily basis.  This should give you some insight in to the brands of brushes that I tend to prefer.

Full Tapered Shadow Brush (Bare Essentials) – I am not sure if I just have an extremely large eye lid, or what, but this shadow brush covers just my moveable lid.  I like it mostly cause it is softer than the MAC brushes (I find them scratch in all honesty).  This also eliminates the streakyness I sometimes get with ‘typical’ size shadow brushes since they are to narrow for my giant eyelids.

Soft Focus Shadow Brush (Bare Essentials) – I went through a large number of blending brushes before settling on this one, including Bobbi Brown and Aveda.  All the other brushes I tested were either to0 scratchy, or too loosely packed, or some other issue involved that just did not make them work for me.  The hairs on this brush are soft and pliable.  They do a really good job blending my shadow, and do not move it so much that it becomes a muddy mess.

Classic Brow Bush #10 (Sephora) – So, I actually do not use this brush for my brows.  I find it to stiff for that purpose.  I use this for my liner.  It works great, since the angled head makes a slight wing at the end easy.  I also like that it is widder than most liner brushes, which for me and my shaky hands seems to help make the line smoother.

Smudge Brush (Ulta) – This is another category that I had a bit of trouble with finding a brush that I really liked.  While I have those giant eyelids, the crease is pretty tiny and not all that deep on my eye.  I found that most crease brushes would deposit too much color way above my eye.  Using a liner brush was not an option since that would only apply a thin line.  Turned out all I needed was a pencil brush.  This one has a decent price, a pretty handle and soft bristles.

Daler-Rowney #4 Filbert (Michaels) – This is actually a painting brush, hence the Michaels.  I bought this at a time that I had read about a lot of individuals purchasing their makeup brushes at the art store.  Any way, I needed something for my cream shadows and this seemed great.  It is synthetic bristles (which are better for cream products).  It also had a low price tag of under 5 dollars.  Finally it has lasted me somewhere between 2-4 years, I can’t say exactly since I can’t remember when I got it 100 percent.