Top 5: Powder Shadow Brands

Continuing with the top 5 series I wanted to share my favorite brands for eyeshadow.  I think this will give a great starting point for those looking to expand the brands that they use, or simply looking for a reliable brands that has a large array of options.  I have considered price point, selection of colors and quality for the brands that I have chosen.

Bobbi Brown admittedly I am a bit biassed here.  I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Bobbi Brown cosmetics.  Mostly because she was my first real forray into high-end makeup, and gave me the chance to learn about foundation.  While she does mainly focus on neutrals, there are colors and textures that flatter every skin type.  The price can be a bit steep though.

Favorite colors from this brand include: Shell (matte), Copper Cocoa (shimmer), Rose Gold (shimmer), Burnt Sugar (metallic)

Bare EssentialsI have never been a fan of loose shadows (despite there continued appearance in this top 5), I find pressed shadows easier to work with.  So when I use a loose shadow it means it must be great.  Bare Essentials has a fairly large collection of both neutral and colored shadows.  Additionally the price point wont break the bank at around 15 dollars per eyeshadow.

Favorite colors from Bare Essentials: Nude Beach (shimmer), Sangria (matte), Serene (shimmer), Oasis (shimmer), Chameleon (shimmer)

Pure Luxe CosmeticsThey boast a HUGE selection of highly pigmented shadows that cover all sorts of textures.  The prices are also great, at around 5 dollars for a jar (10 dollars for the largest size).  The only downside is that these products can not be seen in person prior to purchase, since they are only an online presence.  However, the site does give you the opportunity to purchase smaller ‘sample’ sizes.

Favorite colors from Pure Luxe Cosmetics: Peach Champagne (shimmer), Chocomint (shimmer), Tigers Eye (shimmer), Galaxy (glitter), Venom (matte)

Fyrinnaethese shadows are stuff of makeup lore!  They are constantly in high demand.  A moderate number of shadows, all hauntingly beautiful.  The prices run around 6 dollars per shadow which is great.  Like many online only companies you can order samples.  The major downside for this company is slow shipment and frequent site closures.

Favorite shadows from Fyrinnae: Rapunzel Had Extensions (shimmer), Sleepy Hollow (glitter), Sumatran Tiger (shimmer), Meerkat (shimmer), Koala (satin)

Revlon – Alright, we have all seen these shadows at the drugstore.  But let’s be honest, there is a bit of a stigma that drugstore cosmetics wont be great.  This combined with the inability to try before you buy, and locations with strict return policies tend to keep individuals away.  They have a decent range for drug store products, a great price and are available almost everywhere.

Favorite shadows from Revlon: Nude Slip (satin), Bronze (satin), Copper (shimmer), Blushed Wine Quad, Copper Spice Quad