My Skincare Routine: Night

Makeup Remover – I am currently Using Smashbox Cleansing oil.  This has been the first foray in cleansing oil, I switched because I was growing tired of the residue I felt like makeup removing wipes was leaving on my skin.  This is probably the most important step of my evening routine since it makes sure I get all my makeup off.

Eye Makeup Remover – I have been working on a bottle of Bliss Lid + lash wash for a good while now.  I only need a tiny bit of this, but feel a separate eye makeup remover is necessary.  I have very sensitive eyes (even plain water can bother them) and have as of yet had no problems with this eye makeup remover.

Face Wash – I suppose I could get away without this step, but I like to include it to ensure all my makeup is off and that the oil cleanser does not clog my pores.  I have been using Yes to Cucumbers soothing Daily Gentle Cleanser (full review to come).  While the scent may not be my favorite it is cool and relaxing after a long day.

Exfoliator – I have never ben a fan of rubbing anything rough on my face.  I found it often made me break out or just flat-out hurt.  As a result I have been using a chemical exfoliant every night for a while.  My current favorite is Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant.  This leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft, with out being harsh or drying.

Eye Cream –This is another category that I probably could do with out, especially since results in this category tend to be minor, if they occur at all.  I am currently using DDF erase eye gel.  While I still have extremely heavy bags under my eyes, I am hoping that this will delay the appearance of wrinkles and ‘crepe’ texture in that area.

Face Serum – So, I honestly would not of added this to my routine on my own.  Had I not received a free gift with purchase of Lisa Hoffman’s Night & Day Vitamin A & C Serum it is not something that I would have added to my routine.  However now that I have been using this for a while, I like that it helps my skin heal faster, and makes it less prone to scaring.  I am considering looking for a low-cost alternative for when I run out.

What face care products do you use at night time?