Doing Nothing

Doing Nothing

by Tom Lutz

This book was a bit of a departure from the typical books I read.  While I do frequent the non-fiction shelf (This is a non-fiction book) I typically limit myself to books regarding biology.

Essentially a social history of ‘slacking’ i actually found this book to be extremely interesting.  It spoke not only of the development of the term through history, but also of the competing idea of a work ethic.

This book really resonated with me.  The social struggle of work vs. leisure is discussed alongside the internal struggle individuals feel.  I have been dealing with internal struggles of feeling as if I am doing an inadequate amount of work, while feeling over worked.  Much to my surprise this is a feeling that has persisted over history.

This was a great read, even for those who may not be interested in history so much.  I especially liked when they showed that many famous ‘slackers’ were actually workaholics and vice versa.