Artec Texture Line Volume Shampoo

I am a pretty big fan of using high-end hair products as opposed to the drug store products.  However, I am also a bit on the cheap side.  That means that when I do buy a high-end product I will only do so if it is on sale.  This means my selection has a much greater deal to do with cost than any other factor (such as packaging or promised results).

That being said, I still have insanely high standards for my hair care products.  Just cause I got the product at a good price does not mean I expect it to work any worse.  This product I was fortunate to have purchased at Ulta as one of their weekly sale items.  Plus I was a fan of the larger size since it means I do not need to run back to the store every few weeks.

I would rate this product a 6/10

This product does a great job at cleaning my hair.  So much so that I do not use it every day.  Some might view that as a negative, since it means it is stripping your hair of its natural oils, it is a feature you will very commonly find in volumizing shampoos.  This is cause the less oils and other scalp gunk that is on your hair, the less stuff there is weighing it down.

This does a decent job at adding volume to my hair, something I am desperately in need of.  Though how much volume you see will depend on a variety of factors including the length of your hair and how you are styling it.


It is very possible that I am just a huge klutz, but I have a tendency to get soap in my eyes.  It happens often enough that I have to focus on preventing it every morning in the shower.  Not only does this product make your eyes feel like they are being stabbed by tiny needles when it enters them, it is a pain to get out.  This combined with its high foam factor makes it exceedingly easy to get shampoo in your eyes.

This shampoo is very drying on the hair also (as I said before this is a common trait of Volumizing shampoos).  If you are to use this you will definitely need a leave in conditioner and a gentle hand for detangling.  I also suggest not using this product every day since it strips your hair so much.

Who I would recommend this product to:

  • Those who are looking for a relatively inexpensive “salon brand” shampoo
  • Individuals who want more volume in their hair
  • Those who prefer to not shampoo daily

This product can be purchased from or at your local Salon.

This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal use.