Skin Care Routine: Morning

I wanted to share the routine I follow to maintain clear skin.  Most of the substances I use are on the gentler side, since my skin philosophy is that many of us are abusing are skin, resulting in blemishes and acne.  While these products may not work for you, I do hope this series of small reviews gives you some insite into why I use these various categories of products.

Morning Cleanser – While I am currently using the Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover for my morning wash, it is truly not my favorite (full review here).  That being said, I do continue to use a cleanser in the morning.  The purpose of this is not any major cleansing (hence something gentle) since I remove all of my makeup prior to bed time.  This for me simply is a step that helps me wakeup and feel cleaner, since I occasionally drool in my sleep.

Tonner – I have been using the L’Occitane Almond Apple Tonning Cider for a bit over a month now (mini review here).  There tends to be a great deal of discussion on if a toner is entirely necessary in your skin cleansing routine.  I continue to use these products since they help to return the skin to its normal pH quickly (Since cleansing can strip the skin).

Acne Spot Treatment – Being my fairly young age I do continue to get acne, especially when combined with my less than ideal eating habits and monthly hormonal changes.  I am on the tail end of using up some La Roche-Posay Effaclar al Intense Acne Spot Treatment (mini review here).  I use a small amount across my entire face daily.  This tends to be more gentle than skin care routines specifically for acne and helps prevent breakouts on my skin.

Eye Cream – For me eye cream tends to be pretty important.  The combination of thin skin, dark circles and low fat deposits under my eyes makes me feel like I have a constant sleep deprived look.  I have been using  Korres Sugar Crystal Antioxidant Eye Cream (review here) simply to prevent sun damage (it has SPF) and to minimize premature signs of aging which can be caused by parched skin.

Moisturizer – In all honestly, having normal skin i do have a tendency to want to skip this step.  I prefer basic moisturizers that have some degree of SPF in them (since the SPF encourages me to use them).  I do not use any fancy anti-aging ingredients during the day, and am currently using Aveda All sensitive Moisturizer (mini review here).  For me I simply use moisturizer to maintain my current skin health, however for those with skin issues it can be extremely important.

What skin care products do you use, and why?