Estee Lauder Peach Nuance

I was fortunate enough to receive this product brand new in a swap.  While I can not remember what I swapped it for, I do recal why I wanted this product so badly.

Around the time last year when mac came out with their summer collection i fell in love with the peach section (I can not recall what section it was since they had 4 different color stories).  I fell in love with their peach blush, but was trying to save money.  The solution became to ‘swap’ a product I did not like for this blush.

I would rate this product a 9/10


I really like that this product acts as several blushes in one.  If you wipe product predominately from one side it will alter the over all color.  Ranging from a cool ‘creamsicle’ orange to a rosy coral you can mix just about any color in between.

This blush is relatively matte, which I am alway a fan of.  Meaning that even older women can enjoy this product.   The packaging may be a little less than pleasing to the eye (which seems to be a consistent problem with Estee Lauder in my opinion) it is functional and contains a mirror.


This product I found to have a lot of fall out.  While it was pigmented and applied well, even for the small swatch I did it seemed to get all over my ottoman.

A second issue I can see arising with this product is that you could potentially apply it and end up with two different colors on your cheeks.  as you can see from the swatches there is a large range of colors that can be achieved.  This could be a blessing and a curse.

Who I would recommend this product to:

  • Those looking for a peach blush, that can be customized to the individual
  • Any one who likes matte blushes, and is having trouble finding a ‘warm’ peach color.

This product is no longer available however similar colors are available form Estee Lauder.

This product was obtained through swapping, for the purpose of personal use.