Victoria’s Secret Good Day Sunshine Daily Body Wash

You know those free panty and ten dollars off a purchase that Victoria’s secret seems to send out once a week?  I typically just get rid of them, not that I do not want the savings.  However, a while back I was pretty into couponing (thanks TLC for making that show) and decided that I could use the savings.

I at the time had no need for overly decorated under garments so I decided to just skip the free panty and use the ten-dollar coupon.  I found a body wash for 9 dollars, and assumed I would only have to pay tax on it.  However, it ended up being completely free!  I was pretty proud of that, the one time I used coupons successfully.

I would give this product a 6/10


This is a pretty basic shower gel.  I would compare this product to the body gels sold at the body shop.  This is a low lathering formula, with a subtle scent.

That being said, I would not repurchase this product unless I was getting as good of a deal as I did the first time.  This is not for any problems with this body wash, just that I prefer gentler washes.

Good Day Sunshine Daily Body Wash


There have in the past several years been an increasing number of body washes sold that have additional benefits whether it be hydration or calming (preventing redness).  Since I am pretty lazy, and usually in a rush in the morning I would much rather use a body wash that will eliminate my need for a body wash.

Who I would recommend this product to:

  • Anyone with one of those 10 dollar coupons to Victoria’s Secret, cause let’s face it there is nothing better than free stuff.
  • Those looking for a basic, and lightly fruit scented body wash.

This product can be purchased from Victoria’s Secret(This product appears to have been discontinued, however there are several similar body washes currently being sold by the Victoria’s Secret).

This product was obtained (for free through the use of a coupon) for my own personal use.