Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover

I admit, prior to beginning my investigation into more earth friendly products I may have been suckered in to purchasing products simply because they say “natural.”  This is a common ploy amongst beauty retailers since there is no regulation over when they can use the word “natural.”

Many products such as Josie Maran’s argon oil, or T Amazonian clay products simply add a small amount of this substance found in nature while leaving the remainder of the product relatively chemical laden.  They can get away with this since there is some component of the product that is natural, though it may be extremely small (For a more eloquent explanation, and where I found this information visit Realize Beauty).

Unfortunately this is one of those substances.  However that is not my major problem with this cosmetic item.  Despite its effectiveness I will not be purchasing this product again do to one of its major components, and I don’t mean water.

I would rate this product a 6/10


This product does work well.  it removes all of my make up and eliminates the need for a separate cleanser.  It does not sting my eyes, though the taste when it gets in your mouth is not ideal.


In terms of the performance of this product it is not bad.  Maybe a bit drying for my taste but over all pretty good.  I also find the pump to be a pain in my tush!  They got a little overzealous in making a pump that wont leak the extra product.  This resulted in a pump that you need to be a body builder to use.

What my real problem is that this product contains ingredients derived from Palm kernels.  You have likely heard at least some of the story, regarding the destruction of orangutan habitat for fields of palm trees used for cultivation.

It is not just the use of palm oil that is the problem.  Use of any derivatives is an increasingly desperate issue.  Orangutan’s live off the seeds of the palm.  However, the destruction of their natural environment (65% so far) has led them to leave the forest for food.  In cases where they encounter humans whether on farms or in towns typically results in these animals being beaten and killed.

At Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary, the site of t...

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While there are several refuges that help with recovering orangutans and abandoned orangutan babies (no, the mother did not just run off with out them, they are usually killed leaving the infant to starve) so long as we continue to use palm byproducts the destruction will continue.

Who I would recommend this product to:

I can honestly say that I would not recommend this product to anyone.  If I were to do so based only on how the product functions I would say those with normal to oily skin needing a basic cleanser.  However, I urge you to save your money for a product not containing Palm byproducts.   Cause lets face it, those big orange apes are just too cute to hurt.

For those who really want to help with the conservation efforts I recommend that you head over to Orangutan Foundation International and donate.  Additionally, at the end of the month, I will donate 1 dollar for each follower I have via email and bloglovin (If I am able to figure out how to check how many followers I have on RSS before the end of the month that will be included in the count also).

This product can be purchased at your local drugstore.

This product was purchased by me for my own personal use.


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