Top 5: Mascara

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This month I decided to share my favorite mascaras.  However, since there are only 4 that I am comfortable recommending to others I decided that you will be getting my 4 favorite mascaras and one I absolutely hate (so you know to stay away from it).

I am extremely fortunate to have fairly long lashes, so you will notice that most of my favorites focus more on adding volume than length.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara This is a great all around mascara.  It not only adds a bit of volume and length, but also does not clump, even with multiple coats.  I would classify this as a more natural mascara, since it will only slightly enhance your lashes.

Clinique High Impact MascaraWhile I no longer buy high-end mascaras on a regular basis, I am always tempted to go back to this mascara.  The wet formula means that this actually will last you 3 months (rather than drying up in a month like most others).  Not to mention that the price is only 5 dollars more than the drugstore stuff.  This while still only slightly adding to length and volume, has a slight shine even when dry that really makes your lashes stand out.

Neutrogena Healthy Volume MascaraA really great ‘every day’ work appropriate mascara that is not quite as expensive as the Tarte mascara.  This also gives a very natural look while adding a bit of fullness to your lashes.  The low price point doesn’t hurt either.

CoverGirl Lash Blast – Similar to a Maybeline mascara (however this one does not dry out quite as quickly) this is definitely not an everyday mascara for most.  This mascara almost makes your lashes look fake.  It creates an incredibly full look, that may be a bit over the top for day time.  The one caution is you do have to be careful of clumping, so you may want to stick with only one layer.

As promised, the one mascara I hate.  this was hard, there were several that I have tried that were only so-so.  However, this one is so pointless and unnecessary that it flat-out won even though it is not a true mascara.  The Urban Decay Primer for Lashes.  I honestly have no idea what I was thinking when I got this.  not only did it do absolutely nothing for my lashes except make my mascara clump.  The little ‘fibers’ in it would poke my eyelid making it extremely itchy.  I am not a fan of mascara primers, since they are such a short use product (only 3 months at the most), rarely show any effect and are typically extremely expensive.

What Is Your Favorite Mascara, and Why?