Deva Curl Set it Free

I had originally tried this product in the trial size purchased along with the whole set of Deva Curl products.  It not only made my travel life a lot easier, but at the time the smaller sizes were great for days when I had to shower at the school gym.

I was so blown over with the product that I went so far to purchase the full size of the setting spray.  It was the first setting spray I really used that was specifically designed to be used on curly hair.

I would give this product an 8/10


This spray is used after you put your hair gel in to help kep the curl.  This product is said to lock moisture in.  That being said, I do not find it to be more moisturizing than other setting sprays that I have also used.  That being said, It is certainly not drying.  Tis does put it a major step ahead of hair sprays, and other hair products that are not designed to work in curly hair.

Part of the Deva Curl styling method (found in the curly girl book) involves not washing your hair every single day.  As a result the package says this product is designed to help hold curls up to 48 hours.  I can not speak to this, since I do wash my hair on a daily basis.  Part of the pains of having extremely fine hair.  However, I do typically wake up in the morning with hair that is at least partially wavy still (the parts I lay on do tend to lose some of their body in the night).


For those with thicker hair I do not see many issues with this product.  However, having thinner hair I do have to be a little more careful.  If I over use this product it can make my hair appear greasy.

This product also can leave your hair crunchy.  I was fortunate to have my hair done at one of the many Deva Curl saloons a few years back.  Even at the saloon they inform you that the product is designed to dry slightly stiff, and tat you will need to ‘scrunch’ your hair again once it is dry to get rid of the stiff feeling.  Luckily this product is water based and will not leave any white flakes in your hair that some other hair products can.

The only real issue I have with this product is that it is not the greatest smell.  On a typical day you do not really notice it since it is only sprayed on your hair.  However, those with sensitive noses may want to look elsewhere.  The scent is an odd mixture of lemon scented pinesol and windex.  It is not to horrible, if a little medicinal smelling.

Who I would recommend this product to:

  • Those looking for a curling spray to use when wearing their hair ‘scrunched’
  • Those who do not have any issues with scented products

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This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal use.