Bra Fittings: How they Work

‘Since wearing a slip and a bra in Ed Wood I have much more respect for women’

Johnny Depp

I was fortunate enough to get to attend a bra fitting recently.  I had decided that it was about time I had one.  After repeated underwire digging into my armpit, or a bra just not giving me any support  I figured my method of buying without trying was just not working. 

I went to Nordstroms for my bra fitting.  There are several department stores in my area, but chose Nordstroms since I wanted a nice location that had stuff within my price range.  This means all the information I am going to share is based on the way in which Nordstroms functions.  If you go to a diffrent department store (or specialty underwear store) you will likely have a slightly diffrent experience.

Wear what ever you want – I had read online that you were supposed to wear a bra that you liked the way it fits.  Well there are two problems with this.  Not only is measuring not the only way the check the fit (you do try bras on) but also, if I had bra’s that fit idealy I probably would not need a bra fitting to determine my size.

Prepare to Bare your Bosom – While you will be covered at all times, a sales assosiate may see you in your bra.  At Nordstroms the procedure Is that they measure the band width (the number part of your bra size).  The sale assosiate than brings you ‘sizing bras’ which amount to the most uncomfortable and ugly semi sheer bras you will ever wear.  However, they serve the function to get your size.

Keep in mind all brands vary – Finally, now that you know your size you have a starting off point for picking out a bra.  However, your work is not done.  There are slight diferences in size and fit.  The sales assosiate should help you determine what type of fit you like (full coverage vs. demi cups).  However you wil still need to try on all your bras before buying.

This was a huge learning experience for me.  I found that the main issue I was having was not trying on bras prior to buying.  While I was buying the proper size, the minor variances between brands was resulting in ill fitting bras that left me feeling less than confidant.  I walked away with two new bras that fit far better than any I had owned before.


2 Comments to “Bra Fittings: How they Work”

  1. Nordstrom seems to be frequently recommended due to the extensive size range they offer. Beware of stores and salespeople who will try to make you conform to the limited sizes they offer, rather than making sure you are properly supported.

  2. I agree that a place with a large range of sizes extremely important. Luckily I am not a fan of victoria’s secret for bras (for reasons besides the limited size range). Since it was not something I had thought about before hand