The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide

I forgot To take a Picture of the book cover.  But I think it is okay, since I lost the book sleeve, and it is just a bit blue fabric book.  This picture of Rigby playing with his “baby” is far more interesting.

This is a compilation of 6 different books all by Douglas Adams.

The Hichhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy – The most known of these books, it features a human who becomes an interstellar traveler.  While it is an easy read, it is also a great read.

The restaurant at the End of the Universe – This story picks up where ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ left off.  It is also a good read, it also shows the characters saving the universe yet again  (this seems to happen a great deal).  Another great read.  In fact this would be my favorite of all of them. The writing is on par with the rest of his works.

Life, the Universe and Everything – This follows our characters continuing their quest to find the great question, of all the books within this collection it is my least favorite.  However, Marvin (who is my favorite character) is also in this book, which gives it major points.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish – Takes place on earth about 7 years (though only 8 earth months) after the earth was supposedly destroyed.  The bulk of the book revolves around Arthur trying to figure out how the earth came back and why no one else on the planet seems to remember that it had been destroyed.

Young Zaphod Plays it Safe – At only around 20 pages this is an extremely short read.  However, it does give an interesting and new spin on the rest of series.  While I am not sure if it is even sold on its own, if you have the opportunity to purchase the series with this short story included I recommend it.

Mostly Harmless – The final book in the series.  This takes place 17 years after the initial book.  It also both introduces new story lines and problems, while tying up all the loose ends created in the previous books.  While I was disappointed with the ending, It is a wonderful read, and great for completing the series.


2 Comments to “The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide”

  1. I read all the books years ago and enjoyed them greatly. I just reread the books recently and I thought the third book was probably the weakest in the series.

    There was another book written after Mostly Harmless that was supposed to provide a happier ending to the series, I’ve never read it and I don’t know how much I’d really want to, I think it would just be wrong to read a Hitchhiker’s book that wasn’t written by Adams.

  2. I may have gotten my posts slightly mixed up (but I hope not). I really just fell in love with that gnarled bat like creature that Arthur Dent killed repeatedly. Not to mention the whole thing with those evil robots from Krikit. I think part of the issue was I read the books straight in a row.
    I did just look through the book, and the boring one I was thinking of appears to have been number 3 (since not much happens asides from wandering on Arthur Dent’s part). I am off to fix the mistake in the post now.