Peeling Nails, Oh No!

I love wearing nail polish and for a while I wore polish everyday.  However, eventually my nails started peeling.  I do not mean breaks and chips.  I means the top layer would separate from the rest of the nail.  This from what I have read on boards is common when you wear polish often.  I wanted to share a few ways in which I have gotten my nails to stop peeling.

  • Get a nail hardener.  I currently use Nailtiques formula 2, however I have also heard wonderful things about OPI’s version.  This helps strengthen your nails when used as a basecoat.
  • Keep your nails short.  Similar to hair, age and length are related.  As in the tips of your nails are older than the base.  (And the ends of your hair are older than the roots).  By clipping your nails short you are removing the oldest, and most prone to peeling, parts of your nails.
  • Skip a few days.  As I said I would wear polish every day if I could, however this creates extreme problems with the strength of my nails.  I have begun skipping polish on week days to give them a bit of a rest from all the chemicals.
  • Make your own wrap.  Recently Of Faces and Fingers made a post on an at home wrap to strengthen and protect a broken nail.  For those with extreme breakage issues who do not want to cut back on painting and length may find this useful.