Korres Sugar Crystal Antioxidant Eye Cream

This product was recently discontinued by Korres.  However, I decided to still put the review out.  This is part of the issue when I try to test products for at least a month before putting out a review.

So, while you may not be able to purchase this product any more it may help you consider another korres eye product (or not consider).  While they all will obviously work differently it is sometimes helpful to see some insight into a companies other products

I would rate this product a 6/10


This is a fragrance free product, at least as far as I can tell.  I do not typically smell my eye cream though, so I may be wrong on that.  Compared to the Murad eyecream I tried, I much prefer this eye cream.  This product caused no irritation, or ill effects.  If i get some in my eye it causes no pain (though does cause a bit of watering till the product is fully out).

Formulated, like most of Korres products, without parabens, mineral oil (which can clog pores) or silicone this is great for those looking for a health friendly product.  The product absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling heavy or oily.


Honestly, I really liked this product.  It is supposed to help with puffiness and dark circles.  I do not think any improvement with my undereye circles has really occurred, though that is hard to tell over such a long trial period when you forget to take a before and after picture (I will have to remember to do this from now on!).

In fact, I would repurchase this product again except for two things, one of which is that it is discontinued.  The other issue is the pump.  Typically it is recommended to apply eye creams with the ring finger.  This is something that is made impossible due to the force with wich the product comes out.  I have to be careful, since the product comes out with so much force that if I miss my finger it shoots across my bathroom.  This was enough of a problem for me that I would not necessarily try another Korres product.  Hopefully with this product having been discontinued they have improved upon their dispensing systems.

Who I would recommend this product to:

  • Those looking for more natural, and safe under eye creams
  • Those with sensitive skin
  • People with minimal under eye issues, just looking for basic hydration

This product has been discontinued, and can no longer be purchased.  For similar products you can visit the Korres website.

What properties do you look for in your eye cream (ie. reduces dark circles, fights wrinkles, ect.)

This product was purchased by me for my own personal use.