Some Beauty Resolutions

Nail Polish

Image by Kimli via Flickr

Lately I have been thinking about making a change in my beauty routine.  Some of these changes you have started to see in my posts already like my switching to a more ecologically friendly nail polish remover.   This is a three pronged aproach to changes in my beauty routine.  I will not be throwing out any of my old cosmetic items, and will still not be buying new products until I use up all I own within a category.  It is just the formulation of the items that will be changed.

In addition to having no more items that are similar, there are three other requirements for the item.

  • Not tested on animals – This is a pretty self explanitory one.  I will no longer be making any purchases from companies that participate in animal testing.
  • No harmful substances – A lot of cosmetics contain items that are either linked to cancer or flat out harmful for humans since the cosmetic industry has minimal regulation.  From now on I want to use products that are not going to increase my chance of illness or injury.
  • Ecologically friendly – Finally many products are not exactly produced in the greatest way for the environment.  This covers a large range of issues including water consumption, mining practices stuff of that sort.  Items should have a minimal impact on the environment.

This for the time being is just a rough guideline.  as I continue my research into these three categories for good resources I will be making posts to share these resources with you.

Have you made any beauty resolutions?