Rigby’s Reads: July 26th

Makeup Love

Image by queercatkitten via Flickr

Sadly I have no picture of Rigby to share this week.  He spent a good amount of time at my mothers, since that’s where I was.  This was simply because I had art class homework, and do not have the room necessary to do it at my apartment.

I have been slowly starting to get into more Natural and good for me products (A post on this is forth coming).  One product I was fortunate enough to hear about is The Body Shops new showegel which I heard about from Karla Sugar.

In that same caveat Product Girl posted some swatches of Vapor Organic’s Multi Use Blush.  I have been interested in these products for a fair amount of time, and these swatches are really tempting me to try them.

Over at Beauty Crazed the review of the CoverGirl Intense Shadowblast primer makes them seem like a great alternative to other more expensive eyeshadow primers.  Plus, they are colored!

I am constantly trying to whiten my teeth.  However, I am not willing to spend large amounts of money on whitening strips.  Not to mention I don’t want to get tooth sensitivity.  BubzBeauty has some great ideas for tooth whitening.

Glitter Geek has started a new format called ‘Keep it or Toss it‘ which provides a large number of reviews in a short format (similar to my completion critiques).

Mimsy’s Blog has a lovely post on a new pixi product.  While I have only gotten to try a limited number of her products, this new dual purpose lip twin is tempting me to try some more of her products.

Lately I have been getting very interested in natural looking jewelry.  This leather and natural stones.  A great tutorial for making your own leather and stone wrapped braclets can be found at Ornamentea.