Why Choose This Book?

Why Choose This Book?

By Read Montague

This book is along the lines of many of the other books I have reviewed so far.  A book that explains science, specifically of the mind, and how it relates to some aspect of every day life.  As can be seen by the book this focuses mainly on how we make decisions.

While the book did discus this on a superficial level it really shines in that it focused on the potential applications of the way our mind works on computation.  The majority of the book focused on how the mind forms algorithms, and how these could be used to create more efficient and user-friendly machines.

Those not interested in technology may wish to pass on this book.  However my pro-environement stance made this book really resonate with me.  The discussion of how biological concepts could improve technology through increased efficiency gave this book a different twist than many I have read within this genre.