OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat

Well, this was purchased for very obvious reason.  I suffer from the very common affliction of smudging my nail polish immediately after applying it.  I was hoping that this speedy drying formula would counter that issue, and enable me to have nice looking manicures.

I can not say exactly when, or where I picked up this specific polish, though I can narrow it down to one of two places.  I also have been using it exclusively as my top coat for several months now.  This is not so much out of a deep-seated love of the product, but out of a desire to use up the entirety of the bottle.

I would give this product a 5/10


This does seal relatively quickly.  While you still need to wait just about overnight for the drying to complete (as you would with any other top coat) it creates a protective barrier that keeps minor bumps from damaging your polish.


This product is thick, so much so that despite being less than half way though the bottle obtaining enough product at one time to cover a single nail is becoming difficult.  That may be the brush being short, but I think it also is just a thickly applying product.  It results in the profile of your nail appearing to be about 2-3 mm above where it actually is.

Tip wear with this polish can be a problem.  For those who do not know tip wear is over time where the polish wears away only at the very tip of your nail’s creating a white line on the end (and no this is not an easy way to get the look of a french manicure).  From my wanderings around the web many seem to think that this a result of the fast drying action of the polish.  Regardless, it is a bit annoying, but certainly not a deal breaker.

Who I would recommend this product to:

  • Those doing manicures in short time spans
  • Those who typically only wear their manicures for a day or two

This product can be purchased at Nail Polish Pro.

What is your favorite top coat?

This product was purchased by me for personal use.