Thinning Out A Product

Hair Care

Image by howzey via Flickr

We have all been there, purchased  a conditioner that is to thick for our hair, or a polish that we just can’t seem to work with.  Just as many of us have held onto these items in hopes that some sort of magic will occur to transform these into usable products.  These usually end up under our sinks never to be used again.

Well, now I have a solution for you!  So go pull out those old unused products and we can get started.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Got them? GREAT!  On the back of the package you will find the listing of ingredients.  You may need your reading glasses for this, but locate the first ingredient.  In a majority of hair care products you will see water.  Skin care and cosmetics are typically substantially water or some sort of oil.  Nail polishes are typically some sort of alcohol.

Regardless of what the item is, take note.  Because this is the item that you will be using to ‘dilute’ or thin out the product.  It’s as simple as that.  But incase you are still a bit nervous, here are some helpful hints:

  • Start with small amounts, it is significantly easier to thin out a product as opposed to adding more ‘body’ to it.
  • Liquid and semi-liquid products work best.  That old gel liner that is now a solid, that may be a lost cause.
  • If you are able to transfer the product to a shakeable container (aka a bottle of some sort) mixing together the components will be significantly easier.
  • Make sure you shake the product before each use!