Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara Review

I apologize that this post is late, and last week was a bit light on the posts.  This is because German class has been wiping me out, leaving me tired and just wanting a nap.  I have reached the half way point though, and only have three more weeks of German left.

I picked this up when I was previously enrolled in the Beauty Fix program.  As those who use it know you get a 25 dollar (off of 50 spent) gift card to DermStore.  I used that money to purchase a facial moisturizer, and this mascara along with a few other items I needed.  I have been using this product about a month now and feel that I know enough about it now to give it a fair review.

I would rate this product a 3/10


I do like the color of this mascara, it is a deep brown (I do prefer brown over black mascara’s since my hair is so light) that is not quite black.  I did notice a TINY bit of lengthening with this mascara.  However, since my lashes are normally blonde this may be more due to the fact that they can actually be seen.


The list of negatives for this mascara seemed pretty long to me.  Maybe that’s where the lengthening title comes from?  I noticed that this mascara makes my eyes rather itchy and product a great deal more sleep winkeys than typical for during the day time.  This is likely a sign that I am allergic to something in the formulation, however, I continued to use it for science (or cheapness).

Aside from my obvious allergy to this product there were other shortcomings.  this was a wet formulation, of which I am not a fan.  To this date the only ‘wet’ mascaras I have enjoyed were the Clinique brand’s.  The thing that makes this specific wet formulation of mascara so frustrating is the clump factor.  I found that not only were my lashes sticking together but little blobs of dried up mascara would stick in the brush and create little bumps on my lashes.  This was not exactly the look I have been going for.

Who I would recommend this product to:

  • Those who do not mind spending 15 dollars on a mascara
  • Those who want a basic mascara, who do not mind needing to comb through their lashes after

This product can be purchased from DermStore.

What is your favorite Mascara?

This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal use.