Dealing with Bacne

Bacne (N.)

1. Back-acne, Acne on ones Back

Urban Dictionary

Let’s be honest, we have all had some sort of bacne at some point in our life.  For me it is something I have had to struggle with for a long time.  While I was fortunate to have minimal acne on my face all through high school I refused to wear tank tops due to the condition of my back.

That being said I have found several steps that can help reduce the likely hood of bacne.  While these tips may be obvious to some, they took me a long time to pick up on without being told, and I figured my lessons learned might help someone else.

  • Use a towel to exfoliate your back.  I never exfoliate the skin on my body.  I have a skin condition that can make it uncomfortable and painful.  However this lack of exfoliation made it difficult for me to get rid of acne on my back.  I found using a soft cloth or even a body puff helped slough off some dead skin and clear up my skin.
  • Use an Acne spray.  I only recently started using an acne spray, and it has made all the difference.  I had previously used various acne body washes, but parts of my back that were harder to reach were sadly missed.
  • The item that bad the biggest change was a simple mens undershirt.   I had not thought before how when I do my hair and am only wearing a tank top a large portion of my hair product would end up sticking to my back.  By making sure that no hair product got on my back and keeping my hair off my back until it was dried I have dramatically reduced the likely hood that I will get bacne.

What are your Tips and Trick for dealing with bacne?