Cargo Cosmetics BeachBlush in Sunset Beach

While this blush is available on its own I received it when purchasing the cargo 7in7 complete beauty look.  This is a group of 7 products that should take no more than 7 minutes to apply.  While some of the products in the light version of the kit did not work for me, several of them did including the BeachBlush.

This range of brushes reminds me a great deal of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, however with slightly less shimmer and all of the colors variations on bronze.

I would rate this product an 8/10


I typically limit my use of bronzers to contouring.  However, with the shimmer in this that was not an option.  Since most of the bronzers I used prior to this purchase were simply to dark for me to use as a blush it simply had not crossed my mind.

The shimmer is very subtle, so that going out in full on sunlight is not a problem.  Do not let the color as it appears in the pan scare you, don’t worry you wont look like something out of Twilight.  I also find the shimmer to be more finely milled than that of the aforementioned Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks.

Personally, my favorite part of this product is that it has dual function.  For those traveling who are hoping to bring as few cosmetics items as possible, they will find this makes a wonderful eyeshadow.


First, I apologize for the swatches.  I am still learning what works and what does not in taking swatches.  The left side of the photo are the colors swatched individually, while on the right side you can see the colors when mixed together.

My negatives for this product are pretty limited.  I could potentially see finding this product in a color that works for you potentially difficult for women with darker skin tones.  Since the Cargo line, like many cosmetics lines, has a limited range of skin tones that it caters to those at either end of the spectrum may have difficulty finding a blush from their line.

The only other thing I have as a negative for this blush is that I wish it came in a wider range of colors.  For those who wear bronze based blushes year round this is not an issue.  However since my skin is extremely pale, I personally chose not to wear bronze blush in the winter.  But the soft formula and subtle glow this product imparts makes me wish they had colors I could wear year round.

Who I would recommend this product to:

  • Those looking for a less expensive ‘dupe’ of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
  • Individuals with light to medium skin tones, who are looking for a bronze blush

This blush can be purchased from Cargo Cosmetics.

This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal use.


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