The Naked Ape

The Naked Ape

By Desmond Morris

I have this book from an english class I took a few years back.  Normally I get rid of school books right after the semester ends.  However, for the class we only read the chapters on Sex, and Fighting so I decided to hold on to the book until I could read it in its entirety.

While a majority of the information in the book is not founded on any studys (you will notice the book is very light on citations) it does give a good amount of insight into science in the 70’s.  I found a great deal of the book to be inaccurate.  Even as a biology student I was able to pick out a high percentage of information that was false.

For those looking for a book to truly learn about biology this may not be the book for you.  However, if you view it from the stand point of a window into sciences past (since many of these views were common at the time of writing) it is an excellent read.