Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

A few months back I purchased Face Atelier’s ultra foundation in Zero minus.  At the time i had only known of this and illamasqua’s white foundations.  i needed something to mix with my foundations to lighten them.  While some brands do carry foundations in my color, those that only have 3-4 shades typically run too dark for me.  Though I do also use this with foundations I can not find an exact match in.

My main goal in purchasing was quite simple.  To be able to make the foundations that were to dark work for me.  I have no problems with custom mixing my foundation every morning.  Especially since this task seems exceedingly easy compared to trying to find a perfect match in foundation.

I would rate this product a 7/10


For the purpose of what I got this for it works wonderfully.  This product does also come in more typical foundation colors and can be used as a foundation.  When used as a regular foundation (as in not mixed with another foundation to simply change the colors) It gives Light to medium coverage.  However the coverage is buildable, without looking heavy.

This product is un-scented and applies smoothly when used alone.  But with this color I find it truly shines when it is mixed with other foundations.  I find it does not change the texture of other foundations when it is added, but does a wonderful job lightning the tone.


On my ‘normal’ skin I find this foundation to be too moisturizer.  If I simply use one thin coat it is not an issue and will sink in eventually (and yes I did test this foundation alone on my face).   However, once I try to build up the foundation it can start to feel heavy.  This in and of its self is not a huge deal.  But the transfer resistant finish you have with a single coat disappears rather quickly.

Who I would recommend this to:

  • Those who have difficulty matching foundations
  • Those who want a light weight photo friendly foundation

This product was purchased with my money for my personal use.