Time For a No Buy

So the time has come for me to use up some of the products I have rather than just buying new.  So this will apply to ALL aspects of my life (except food obviously).

For cosmetics, skin care and hair care I will not be able to buy any new products until I have run out of products in that category.  I have made a list of the maximum number of products I want to own in what I hope will eventually become a more minimal stash.  I will not bore you with this list, but it basically would eliminate any back ups.  This means that I will not be able to purchase any more pink lip sticks until I have used up all the lipsticks I currently own.

This same strategy is going to be used in books.  Though once I finish reading all the books I own I do hope that I will be able to purchase a Kindle.  Stationary will also follow this same strategy.

The two categories I will be having a slightly different plan for are Clothing/Shoes and Video games.  For clothing and shoes I can replace items as they wear out (or in the case of what happened recently, are ruined).  Video games is a bit more complicated.  I LOVE the game The Sims 3.  so I am allowed to buy the expansion packs for that game as they come out.  In regard to the rest of the games I play that have a way in which you can ‘win’ the game, those will also be a one out one in basis (as in I must complete and sell a game before I get a new one).

I am hoping that I will be able to stick to this plan.  I do believe that I have one or two more stationary items in the mail (and have recently purchased some hair bands).  So those purchase will obviously still be allowed but from today forward I can not purchase new items, except within these guidelines.


2 Comments to “Time For a No Buy”

  1. i love this post! so resolute and practical. you go girl!!!

  2. Thanks! I also plan to start switching over to more healthy options (aka no parabens stuff like that) once i use up the stuff i have (I would do a cold turkey switch but i cant quite afford that)