MOP Pear Detangler

The suggested ‘tags’ that word press comes up with are weird.  Some of them included pear which would make sense since that is in the name of the product.   But it also generated olive oil and yoghurt not sure where it got those from.

I picked this up over a year ago at ULTA, and as you can tell i have almost used it up in its entirety.  That is quite the feat considering i only use 2-3 sprays a day.  Clearly this product lasts a while, which for me is a good thing since this is more expnsive than I would pay for a ‘leave in’ spray at the drugstore.

I would give this a product a 10/10

This is one of my Holy Grail products.


I am probably the only adult who uses a detangler on a regular basis, but having fine hair that is wavy means knots are a reality.  This is made worse by the fact that I am to lazy to slowly comb out the knot and will just run a brush through it pulling hairs out along the way.

This detangler has helped considerably by not only decreasing how much effort is needed for me to remove the knot, but also has reduced the amount of hair that is pulled out as a result.  I use this instead of a leave in conditioner (a leave in conditioner would provide ‘slip’ to help detangle hair also but tends to weigh down my waves).

As I stated previously a little bit of this product is all that is needed.  Granted if you are fortunate to have hair thicker than that of an infant you would likely need more than I use.  But for other fine haired girls out there you will be happy to know that this product does NOT leave your hair looking greasy.  This for me is a major plus, and something that if a product cant live up to will imediately eliminate it from my daily routine.

The best part for me is that the product cost averages out to about a dollar a month.  The product typically runs around 14 dollars and i have likely had it that long.  I likely have about another month or two left in the bottle (the product height is just above the where the label says the volume of fluid).


The only negative I  can think about for this product would be that the pear scent is not really noticable.  I do like when my hair products have a scent.  This may have a slight fruity twang when you first spray it but it disapears almost imediately.

Who I would recomend this to:

  • Those who have stubborn tangles
  • Curly and wavy haired girls
  • Any one with children who have long hair

This product was purchased with my money for my personal use.